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        Mobile Phones And Safety

        Mobile phones are dangerous

        People using mobile phones get distracted and cause accidents. A ringing mobile phone or a conversation can distract people while driving, walking or operating a machine or tool. It is hard to say if mobile phone calls save more lives in emergency situations than the deaths caused by phone users by not paying attention to what they are doing. People are not good at multitasking and are taking unnecessary risks on themselves and other people.

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        small no phone logo  Safety while travelling

        It is not easy to find a conclusive link between cancer and mobile phones. Around 1000 studies about the phones and radiation effects have been conducted round the world. A lot of these studies have not found a link between mobile phones and diseases. The ones that have found a link get all the publicity, but rarely a proper peer review. It is more fashionable to worry about a 1W mobile phone than a 1000W hair drier, electric blanket or razors next to your head. Your new 3G phone will normally transmit with less that 0.001W!

        Mobile phone base stations are responsible for less than 2 percent of all radio frequency electromagnetic emissions. AM radio stations contribute more that 90 percent of all emissions.

        People's behaviour is the most dangerous aspect of mobile phones.

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