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        Phone manners at the office

        small no phone logo  Personalise your ring tone. Enough people have the standard one.
        small no phone logo  Turn down the ring tone volume. Only use the "Outdoor" ringing setting when appropriate, otherwise its just too loud.
        small no phone logo  Do not sing, hum or whistle ring tone melodies. It is just plain annoying!
        small no phone logo  Do not use your phone at a break area. Give other people a break.
        small no phone logo  Do not walk around in an open plan office talking on a phone. Working in an open plan environment is already distracting enough.
        small no phone logo  Turn off your phone in a meeting. If the meeting is worth staying in, pay attention to it.
        small no phone logo  Do not leave mobile phones lying around in the office when you move away from your desk. Unanswered ringing phones are annoying.
        small no phone logo  Check the areas where the network coverage is poor in the office (lobby area or lifts). Do not make calls there or change your network operator.
        small no phone logo  Do not use the mobile phone as a speaker phone at the office. Use the earpiece, do not force other people to listen your conversation.
        small no phone logo  Leave smart voice mail messages. Keep it short and simple, leave your name and phone number.
        small no phone logo  If you are a professional athlete like a golfer, a chess player, a football player or in the audience, learn and obey mobile phone related rules.
        small no phone logo  Last tip: Unplug your mobile phone charger when you are not using it. Chargers use electricity even when the phone is fully charged and is not in use. It requires several nuclear power stations to keep worlds 1.5 billion chargers just on stand-by! So unplugging is good for the environment.

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