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        More phone manners: Driving  Dating  At the Office  Travelling


        Etiquette - It is very simple, just follow it!

        Learn the basic features of your phone

        Some phones have audible calendar and/or alarm function on, even when in "silent mode". Some phones have audible calendar and/or alarm function even when turned off. Some phones beep on an incoming call, even in "silent mode". Some phones can dial emergency number, even when the keys are locked. Know how to adjust the ring tone volume, use the vibrating alarm and send a message. Pick your ring tone wisely. Learn to use your phone!

        Obey mobile phone bans

        Where there are rules about switching mobiles off, simply obey them. In hospitals and in airplanes, the signals can interfere with equipment. Mobile phone bans in places of worship, libraries, trains, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and theatres are there for a reason. Know when you can use the "silent mode". Respect all bans and switch off. If you really need to make or take a call, leave the area. Use common sense and when in doubt do not use your phone!

        When required, turn your phone off and check it's off

        Remember to check your phone is off at activities such as watching a movie, theatre, weddings, museums, churches, concerts, speeches, airplanes classrooms and lectures. You can always check your voicemail, text messages or answering service afterwards.

        Speak softly not LOUDLY

        You do not have to yell to be heard. Mobile phones are designed for conversation at normal volume levels. Talk as you would talk to other people or on a landline phone. The person you are talking to even has a volume button on his or her phone. You can keep your voice low and discreet by directing your face down and slightly into your chest. If you are not sure if you are too loud, watch the reaction of people near you.

        Keep your distance from those around you

        Each person is surrounded by a personal space, respect that. Speak in places at least 5m away from the closest person. If there is no separate, private area available for your call, wait to speak on the phone until a good space is available. Crowded rooms, lines and tight hallways are not places to carry on phone conversations. If you're in an enclosed area and need to take a call, pick up the call, but don't start talking until you're out of the room. There's nothing worse than disturbing people around you with your ring tone, only to annoy them further by starting your conversation in their presence!

        Keep your private conversations private

        Do not add stress to other people's lives. Nobody else wants to hear about your private problems and conflicts, so pay attention to the surrounding audience. Nobody wants to hear an angry voice, so be polite, and use pleasant tone on a phone. Talking confidential business issues in a public place may also risk your company's future business.

        Do not keep others waiting

        Your time is not more valuable that anyone else's. Nobody wants to wait for you to finish your conversation. Put the phone down, turn off your phone, call back later and concentrate on what you are doing. Your phone conversation can wait, so do not inconvenience those around you.

        Do not break off face-to-face conversations to answer your phone

        If you receive a call during a conversation, send the call to your voicemail or answering service. Your first priority should be to the person you are with. Remember, you do not have to answer the phone, so just switch off your phone when required. It's also advisable not to use your earpiece in the presence of others, other people don't know if you are with them or not.

        Choose the time and place of your calls wisely

        Do not make calls in noisy areas or places where network coverage is poor. If your network does not provide good quality coverage, change your operator.

        Know how to communicate over the phone

        Check if it is appropriate time to call and remember global time zones. Your idea of an emergency is not the same as someone else's. People should not be fired via a mobile phone. Do not send offensive or threatening messages! Remember that the receiver can always save messages and easily identify the sender. Some users have to pay to pick up their messages. So also keep your messages brief.

        Do one thing at a time

        Multi-tasking is not cool and you can't really do it properly and safely anyway. Pay attention to what you are doing as multi-tasking can be hazardous, rude and inefficient. The person you are talking to deserves your full attention.

        Respect camera phone rules

        Camera phone misuse has already become a problem. Respect others' privacy and do not use in-phone cameras anywhere a normal camera would be considered inappropriate, such as in art galleries, change rooms or toilets. Ask for permission before you take someone's picture. Some venues do not allow the use of cameras and may refuse entry to anyone with one.

        Be a responsible mobile phone user by being considerate to others!


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