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        Phone manners while driving

        Just do not use your phone

        Pay attention to the road! Just driving a car requires multitasking. You need to concentrate on the traffic, your driving and monitoring your car instruments. You do not need a distraction like dialing, texting or talking on a phone while driving. Just turn off the phone or let it ring out if someone is calling you. There are a lot of people who have problems mastering vehicles and phones individually. If you have to make or take a call, stop the car in a safe place before using your phone. Too many people are killed by people using their phone while driving.

        Use a wireless hands free

        Law permitting, if you have to receive a call while driving, use wireless hands free set or in-car speaker/microphone system. Attach and activate the hands-free system before you drive off and keep both hands on the wheel while using the phone. Know your handset and its features, especially those that are voice-activated.

        Keep the conversation short

        You can always tell them you are busy and call them back later. You do not need another distraction especially in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions. Let the person you are speaking with know you are driving.

        Safety first

        Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving. Use speed dialing, redialing or voice activated dialing if you have to make a call. Do not make stressful conversations while driving. Store the numbers of the roadside assistance in your phone. Use your phone to help people in emergencies. Let the passenger in the car take and make the calls.

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