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        You Are Here To Learn Mobile Phone Manners!

        Mobile phones are everywhere! You can now use your mobile phone in any holiday destination, while climbing to the top of Mount Everest or even under water. The popularity of wireless devices has increased our productivity, but this has also created an environment where you can't get away from annoying ring tones, people speaking too loudly on their phone or people with bad mobile phone manners. Even some birds in big cities have started to sing popular ring tones.

        Unfortunately some people seem to have very little respect of phone usage bans in theaters, restaurants or even when driving. Mobile phone users around us are adding unnecessary stress to our lives and things are getting worse. This site has a collection of mobile phone etiquette and safety information. Learn mobile phone manners now!

        Basic Mobile Phone Manners:

        1 Learn mobile phone etiquette
        2 Learn the basic features of your phone
        3 Obey the bans and signs
        4 Consider other people before using your phone
        5 Consider the safety of yourself and other people while using your phone

        Feel free to forward this website address to annoying phone users!!

        Copyright ?2004 NoPhones.com     email: info@nophones.com
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